Big difference so there’s going to be different results there one of the ways that people can get an idea of what they’re you know what the insurance company might be thinking is to call up an injury attorney because we deal with insurance companies every day we deal with the result in injury cases every day we have a pretty good idea of what cases or value that depends.

The injuries accident lawyer Los Angeles and how it occurred and most attorneys will give a free consultation so that’s a good way to start asking all the questions you need to and get on your way with recovery I’m kind of excellent the next question was from Heather butter says I’m and when I was in college which was years ago I was in a very bad car accident, fortunately.

I did not have any serious injuries around four years ago I started experiencing neck and neck pains and my doctor has concluded that it’s from my ref is it still possible that I can get compensation even though the injury occurred nine years ago and if so how much how much could I get for a neck injury so for another situation the first question I’d have her is if she made a claim nine years ago when the injury occurred if she had a personal injury.

Attorney or if she settled out of with by themselves with the insurance company because often the insurance companies will require a release that basically says if we pay you any amount we’re going to you have to release us from further liability so I want to know if there was anything like that that occurred if her injuries weren’t significant at the time she didn’t really think anything was going on than we have a statue the living limitations issue in Arizona generally and there are exceptions.

people have two years from the date of the accident or if there’s a hidden injury such as it sounds like maybe Heather’s cases then it becomes two years from the time of the injury is uncovered or found out about but there’s going to need to be some pretty significantly good.