While T-shirt quilts are a remarkably popular present for graduates, they’re also a favorite for everyone with a considerable t-shirt collection. If you’ve been wanting to create a t-shirt quilt too, this is a terrific chance to learn the fundamentals of quilt making and create a keepsake quilt to appreciate your favorite t-shirts and the life events they represent. Receive all the advice and techniques you want to create a top-notch t-shirt quilt within this very helpful article. Variable style t-shirt quilts are good when you have t-shirts of all sizes. You can create blocks or make a rag quilt.

Put your t-shirts in a grid pattern alternating colors to make an appealing design. Don’t forget to choose shirts in excellent condition with minimal wear. You can attach the shirts directly or add sashing between the blocks. Choose to create a border and decide whether you want a full piece of fabric for backing or not. T-shirts are produced from a stretchy knit fabric, so it’s important to stabilize it using a lightweight non-woven fusible interfacing. Use a quilting ruler to measure each piece and the dimensions of the final quilt. Go online for free patterns and design ideas.

Stunning borders are usually planned right from the beginning. Wide borders are an ideal place to showcase any applique work. When your quilt is finished, iron it on the back side, pressing down the seams so they face the same direction. The edges could be somewhat uneven when you have used different strip widths, and you can trim them later. Butted corners require the smallest amount of t shirt quilt ideas and are the easiest way to finish edges.While hand-sewn quilts are cool, its much faster to machine quilt your blanket. Memorystitch quilting company can be found online and has commercial long-arm machines with the capability to offer you the maximum quality while getting it done quickly so you can enjoy it or gift it.

This project is an excellent way to recycle and save sentimental clothing. With professional strategies and accessible patterns, you can tackle a project yourself or send it out. The best option is always what’s going to make the most sense and give you the right effect for your quilt. If you already have some quilting tools and a sewing machine, you may really enjoy using your own quilting ideas to put it together. If you don’t, you may be looking at an investment in a quilting machine and a learning curve that takes additional time.

So now you understand how to make a super simple, custom t-shirt quilt. Using only the t-shirts without a border, a rag quilt is easiest by far, but if you choose a more advanced pattern, ask for help and advice at Memorystitch. They can guide you through the process or take over at any time. All you need to do is send in your shirts and let them know the pattern you have in mind as well as any additional fabric.